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    For the past 382 years the Cogswell family has been contributing its sons and daughters to the cultural, religious, and political "experiments" in North America.  For a time, the world wondered whether or not the displaced sons of England could survive and prosper in the new world, especially after the nurture and protection of the English Monarch was rejected by the disgruntled Americans.  Now, from our modern perspective, we can only try and understand and appreciate the sacrifices made, the hardships endured, and the personal pride and satisfaction resulting from a job well-done by our Cogswell ancestors.  Members of the Cogswell family have been especially well represented by honorable military service, and in the fields of medicine and teaching.  But, these "highlights" are not meant to ignore the contributions of the Cogswell farmers, mechanics, teamsters, public servants, and craftsmen (and women) who built the edifice we inherited - North America.   Periodically, this page will introduce you to one of those Cogswell sons or daughters who made a distinguished contribution to our lives in the U.S. and Canada.

   The Association would very much appreciate receiving any additional information (preferably documented) concerning any Cogswell - anywhere.  Now, may we introduce: 

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 Edward [81] COGSWELL

 Son of William [19] COGSWELL & Martha EMERSON. Born 13 Aug 1686 in Gloucester, Mass. Died 17 Apr 1773 in New Milford, Conn. Buried in New Preston Parish, Washington, Conn.  Edward Cogswell is mentioned as a member of the "New London Society United for Trade and Commerce," in 1732.  This probably was Edward of Ipswich, Mass., for we find him soon after, 1735, in Preston, Conn., where he remained some ten years; he then made a purchase of wild land in the northern part of New Milford.  On September 10, 1745, he purchased from John Baker and Caleb Mallory the 33rd lot of the south tier of lots in the "North Purchase," and became, in 1747, the first settler in that region.  Subsequently, he bought other lands in the vicinity, established iron works, the first manufacturing interest in New Milford, and did much to develop the resources of that new country.

It is said that Edward Cogswell made a "Family Record of the Cogswells," and that there exists [1884] a copy of it in Cazenovia, Madison County, N.Y.
  This has not been found, but his grandson, John, left a record, in possession of M.W. Cogswell, Esq., Elyria, Ohio, which has been of great service.  John Cogswell [613] says that his Uncle John and Aunts Lucy and Martha, children of Edward Cogswell, removed to some place in Vermont, near a lake.

Edward's grave is near that of his youngest son, Major William [222] Cogswell, in the cemetery of New Preston Parish, Washington, Conn.

Edward married Hannah BROWNE, daughter of Nathaniel BROWNE & Judith PERKINS, 21 Aug 1708 in Ipswich, Mass.
  It also is said that they were married in New Milford, Conn.  Born circa 1691 in New Milford, Conn. Died 6 Jun 1771 in Ipswich, Mass.  They had the following children:

         210                i.              Samuel [210] COGSWELL
211               ii.              Edward [211] COGSWELL  b. circa 1712. d. circa 1712.
212              iii.              Nathaniel [212] COGSWELL, Capt.
213              iv.              Judith [213] COGSWELL
214               v.              Hannah [214] COGSWELL
215              vi.              John [215] COGSWELL
216             vii.              Martha [216] COGSWELL  b. circa 1723. d. circa 1723.
217            viii.              Lucy [217] COGSWELL
218              ix.              Martha [218] COGSWELL  b. circa 1727. d. circa 1727.
219               x.              Martha [219] COGSWELL
220              xi.              Elizabeth [220] COGSWELL  b. circa 1730. d. circa 1730.
221             xii.              Emerson [221] COGSWELL
222            xiii.              William [222] COGSWELL, Maj.

Francis [93] COGSWELL, Esq.

 Son of Jonathan [20] COGSWELL, Capt. & Elizabeth WAINWRIGHT. Born 1698 in Chebacco Parish, Ipswich, Mass. Died 9 Mar 1756.  Francis Cogswell fitted for college in the Ipswich Grammar School, and graduated from Harvard College in 1718.  Mr. Cogswell was a merchant.  He built and lived in what was called the 'Sawyer House'.  He was appointed a Justice of the Peace, and represented the town in the General Court in 1750, 1751, and 1752.  Sibley's "Harvard Graduates" Vol. VI, says that Rev. Jameson's information was "in error in saying that Cogswell was a Justice of the Peace, but he did serve four terms in the House of Representatives, beginning in 1750."

" ... by his will of Feb. 25, 1755, bequeathed to his son Francis [253] his dwelling house, his best schooner, "Deborah," his flake-room and stages, and 'Jeffries Neck'."

He married Elizabeth ROGERS, daughter of John ROGERS, Rev. & Martha WHITTINGHAM, 14 Mar 1727.

Born 28 Jul 1707 in Ipswich, Mass. Died after 1756.
  "Elizabeth was the twin sister of Rev. Daniel Rogers. He graduated from Harvard College in 1725 ... died 19 Dec 1785.  "... the Daughter of Rev. John Rogers, who was the son of Rev. John Rogers, president of Harvard college, who was the son of Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, who was the son of Rev. John Rogers, of Dedham, England, who was the grandson of John Rogers, who was burned at the stake, Feb. 5, 1555, in Smithfield, England.

Francis and Elizabeth (Rogers) Cogswell had the following children:

         249                i.              Elizabeth [249] COGSWELL  b. 1727/1728. d. 4 Jan 1729.
250               ii.              John [250] COGSWELL  b. circa 1731. d. circa 1734.
251              iii.              Jonathan [251] COGSWELL  b. 1733. d. circa 1734.
252              iv.              Elizabeth [252] COGSWELL  b. 4 Aug 1736.
253               v.              Francis [253] COGSWELL  b. 26 Sep 1737.  He married Eunice LOW, 22 Oct 1756.
         254              vi.              John [254] COGSWELL
255             vii.              Jonathan [255] COGSWELL  b. 23 Dec 1739.
         256            viii.              Martha [256] COGSWELL  b. 25 Jul 1742. d. 27 Jan 1743.
         257              ix.              Daniel [257] COGSWELL  b. 23 Sep 1744. d. circa 1745.
258               x.              Nathaniel [258] COGSWELL  b. 2 Dec 1747. d. 20 Dec 1747.
259              xi.              William [259] COGSWELL



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